Terry Byrne is a human male and a soldier in the New Hammerston army. He is an old friend of Jess'.


Pre Story

Terry grew up alongside Jess, Ben (and presumably Bernie).

Chapter Two

Terry is introduced in Welcome to New Hammerston where he is on guard duty with Jake.

Following Rosa's abduction he is one of a number of the main characters who goes in search of her. While investigating a church along with Joe and Jake he is captured by vampires.

Although they manage to escape, killing several vampires along the way, the elder Dominik soon arrives. Furious at the actions of the group he attacks them, seriously injuring Terry.

Rescued by Jess he is dragged back to New Hammerston where is currently recovering in hospital.

Chapter Seven

Having been unconscious for four chapters, Terry at last wakes up, desperate to find Jess. Desperately searching for her, he calls for Jake, who arrives and informs him of the recent goings on. Following Jake's arrival Ludo wakes up too, the pair are then briefed by Jake about the recent goings on.

Chapter Eight

He is shown alongside Ludo in the hospital.


Terry is quite an agreeable character, though slightly more reserved than the likes of Jake or Joe.


Terry gets on well with most other people.


Terry and Jess have a long history. As kids they knew each other and Jess even admitted to having had a crush on Terry at the time. The pair are still close, Jess affectionately calling him "Terry Berry".


Although he can be expected to have basic combat ability, Terry does not appear to have any additional abilities.

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