Oscar is a male human. He is the husband of Margaret and also the father of Phillip and Luke.


Chapter Seven

Introduced in God's Punishment Oscar is shown living with his wife and two sons. Although they seem to be eking out a living food is running out and they have plans to set sail away from the Hammerston area.

Following Darren's return he holds off the attacking zombies. Heading inside he consoles Candice before disposing of Darren's body.

Soon after he plans to set out for the North, though first heads to scavenge a pair of binoculars. While looking for them he runs across some zombies. Though they manage to hold off for a while they are eventually overrun, though saved by Andrius.

While returning home from their scavenging mission, Oscar is approached by Phillip who mentions his message from "god", though Oscar is not fully convinced.

Chapter Eight

He is shown setting off from Hammerston Harbour with his family. Here he explains that they will first head north to Brookfield, before going to Europe.


Oscar seems to fill the roll of the archetypal devoted father. While he does care for his family he is stern and doesn't seem to allow for any opposing comments due to his strict Christian nature.

He can however be empathetic at times.


Although his family get on with his, Oscar seems to often be at ends with Phillip.


Oscar has no notable abilities, though he can at least handle a weapon (and is shown to be able to hold off a group of zombies or "rotters" as he calls them).

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