Nina is a female human. She is the younger sister of Aaron and niece of Jared.


Pre Story

During her childhood Nina lived with her brother, Aaron, and their uncle, Jared. Even after The Pocalypse they were managing to survive, however at some point their food supplies began to run low.

In order to obtain more food Jared gave Nina to a group of vampires. She appears to have been unharmed however.

A while later her uncle made an attack upon the vampires. He was however turned, though allowed Nina and Aaron to escape. Running, the pair found themselves trapped, though Bernard Senior rescued them.

Following this it can be assumed that she was taken to New Hammerston where she has since settled in.

Chapter Five

Although she doesn't make an actual appearance, she is mentioned by Aaron.

Chapter Six

Nina is introduced in Sentinel Jr. where she sneaks up on Aaron. She then runs off with Nathan, introducing him to Geoffrey.

Chapter Eight

She is shown playing with Nathan, and then meeting her brother. She is later shown walking through New Hammerston with her brother and company.

Following Victor's rampage she goes to her brother, though is chased off by Victor. She is later shown with Nina and Annika.


Nina is a lively, spirited child.


Although she can perhaps be a tad annoying, most people seem to get on with Nina.


Although she can irritate him, she still cares for her brother.


Nina has no notable abilities.

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