Dr. Nick Roth is a human male and the head physician of New Hammerston hospital. He once dated Jess, though she split up with him.


Chapter Two

Nick is introduced in I Have Super Powers where he informs Jess, Bernie and Joe on Ludo's condition.

He accompanies the group to Rosa's cantina, where he discusses various issues. Following this he joins Joe, Jess and Bernie as they head to Doc's lab.

His next appearance is in Regroup where he is shown telling Jess about Terry's condition.

Chapter Four

Nick is first shown talking to Jess about Joe. He later appears and is informed by Bernie about various goings on.

Chapter Five

Nick is shown first arguing with Jess, once more over Joe (this time as to whether or not to save his life). Following the confrontation Nick feels rather aggrieved.

He then sets out to prove himself, leaving the colony to try and recover Greybane. Accompanied by Scrufflebeck he makes it into the Machine City where he meets up with Greybane.

Chapter Six

Waking up, Nick discovers that Greybane has parted ways with him. Returning to New Hammerston he is arrested, though released soon after.

Angry once more at how he's been treated, he runs into Greybane. Learning of Greybane's plan to rescue Doc, Nick begs him to tag along. Reluctantly Greybane agrees.

Chapter Seven

Having left the colony he is shown travelling with Greybane. About to rest, the pair head off to find the source of a scream.

Chapter Eight

Arriving after Greybane has dealt with all the trouble, Nick assists in helping the group set up camp.

He is later shown burying Dwight, along with Karen and Greybane. Upon Greybane announcing his plan Nick objects, eventually convincing the mutant to take him along.

While heading to Limeridge the group stop off to let Greybane gather supplies. While Nick talks to Karen, the Dragoon makes off with their supplies. Upon Greybane's return the group agree to go to the port of Brookfield to scavenge more supplies.


Although not as self absorbed as someone like Cross, Nick nonetheless is quite egocentric. Despite this he does get along with most other people.


Nick is held in high respect by most other characters, though he seems oblivious of this.


The two once dated, though Jess split up with him prior to Nick aiding Greybane.


Although Nick would be assumed to have a great knowledge of medical matters, he is quite incompetent combat wise.