New Hammerston

The colony's market.

New Hammerston is a survivor's colony. It is one of the largest human settlements in the Hammerston City area. It is found to the east of the Supermarket Base.

It is heavily defended and surrounded by a concrete wall. It is also so big that it has its own military force whom guard its perimeter. Most merchandise is bought with the local currency; credits.

The colony was founded by Bernard Senior, and was governed by Mayor Ludo until his death. It is now run by Simon.

Almost all of the main characters call this colony home save for Andrius, Dominik, Frank, Gwenn, and a few others.

While it is one of the biggest colonies, It appears to have little, if any contact, with any other colonies, like Cresthaven.


  • Hospital
  • Mayor's Office
  • Bernie's Apartment
  • Market Square
  • Front Gate
  • Rosa's Cantina
  • East Gate
  • Doc's Laboratory

Role in Plot

New Hammerston served as the main base of operations for the characters but it was subsequently beseiged by villains, such as Victor who almost decimated the colony. It was then attacked by Smyth, being controlled by Victor, and is now under Simon's control.

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