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Nathan Cross is a five year old male human and the son of Jan. He is currently a resident of New Hammerston.


Chapter Two

Nathan is introduced in Ugly Monsters where he is, along with his mother and a number of others, trapped in a mall by zombies. Following Bug's attack he manages to escape.

After his escape the group is rescued by Greybane. They take shelter in an abandoned building though Jan is there killed by Rosa.

Chapter Four

On their way to New Hammerston, the group comes across Gregory who seemingly saves them from a group of machines. Staying in his house, the group are drugged, though saved by Scott.

Later they leave, then arriving at the colony.

Chapter Five

Nathan is shown, now in New Hammerston, having settled into a temporary apartment. After some drama he, Annika and Rusty move to a new home.

Chapter Six

Here Nathan meets Nina and also Geoffrey.

Chapter Eight

He is shown playing with Nina at one point and later walking through town with Aaron and company.

Later he is shown with Annika and Nina, at the same time as Victor is rampaging through New Hammerston.


Nathan is quite a quiet, shy character. He speaks little and is quite naive. He enjoys talking about superheroes. Unlike other children, such as Nina he is quite fearful.


Nathan is close to a number of characters. Although his only known relative is Jan, it has been hinted that he is related to Cross, both sharing the same surname.


Jan was Nathan's mother and they seemed close. Despite this he managed to stick with it even following her death.


Following their travels together the pair are close, and Nathan even feels her to be acting as a good mother figure. He shows great loyalty to Annika, trying to face up to Samuel when he was looking for Annika.


Nathan has great reverence for Greybane, seeing him as a powerful figure.


Nathan has no notable abilities.