Mission Start!
Chapter 6, Scene 31
Released: 11/04/2012
Greybane's Story
In a Machine's Words (summary)

Mission Start! is the thirty-first scene of Chapter Six.


Having assembled the Night Stalkers, Bernie announces to the group (which also includes Jess, Joe and Scrufflebeck) that it's time to move out.

Outside of New Hammerston Joe asks a few minor questions, such as whether or not they have enough food and why none of the tanks are in use.

Back in the colony Nick is shown, impatiently waiting for Greybane so that they too can go and look for Doc. The mysterious figure eventually arrives and the two also set out.

In their apartment Annika, Nathan and Nina are shown watching TV. After a short while Rusty arrives. Interested by his crossbow Nina asks if he can show her how to use it. Agreeing Rusty takes her outside.


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