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Ludo is a male human and the mayor of New Hammerston.


Pre Story

Ludo was one of the earlier members of New Hammerston and knew Bernard Senior.

Chapter Two

After meeting Joe and gang Ludo is shot by Cross in an attempted coup, though he survives.

Chapter Seven

Having been unconscious for five chapters, Ludo at last wakes up shortly after Terry. Upon leaving his room he meets with Terry and Jake, the latter filling him up on the recent goings on. Following this he promotes Jake to lieutenant, before heading back with Terry to recover.

Chapter Eight

He helps settle Bernie and Jake's dispute over whether or not to let Bernie's group into the colony, siding with Bernie.

Following Victor's attack upon New Hammerston Ludo is informed about it by a group of soldiers. He then orders Jake to ally with Doc and his companions against Victor.

Chapter Nine

Ludo helps re-organise his colony's defenses with the help of his friends and, despite the accusations against Joe and Rosa, Ludo uses his authority to allow them to assist. He then sends Rosa out to find Joe, who left the Base to find his family.


Ludo shows committment and the protection of the colony and has a sense of ethics. He speaks boldy and has an optimistic character towards non-human allies.

Having helped Bernie Sr with the foundations of their colony, Ludo developed a strong bond with Bernie Jr and Jessie and is willing to help them in any way he can.


Bernie Sr

Having helped establish the colony, it is assumed that he had developed a strong friendship between the family. It is unknown how he else he helped.

Bernie Jr and Jessie

Knowing that Bernie is the son, Ludo still forms a strong bond with him and is regarded as an old friend of his father. Ludo is committed to helping the siblings with whatever he has at his disposal.


Despite her transformations, Ludo sees Rosa as a promising asset to the defense of the colony and the salvation of the humans. He sees deep within her than her rather monstrous looks. This hints to his resourcefulness when it comes to his duty.


Ludo sees Joe in almost the same way as Rosa, despite his mass destruction.


While Ludo has no abilities as a human, but his position gives him absolute authority over the military and will ensure order within the colony and the defense of New Hammerston. He can be seen as a father-figure to some.