Jessica Torres (or Jess) is a female human. The sister of Bernie she is a key character in the story.


Chapter One

Introduced in Welcome to the Base Jess helps Joe train throughout the chapter.

Chapter Two

After having returned to New Hammerston Jess settles back in. She later sets off to find Rosa.

Chapter Five

Jess does little in this chapter, though she does meet Samuel.

Chapter Six

Jess is one of a number of people who head to find Doc.

Chapter Seven

Jess continues the search for Doc, despite Bernie and Joe's departures. Along with Rosa, Harry and the Night Stalkers she soon arrives at Dominik's lair. Entering it, Jess finds no immediate sign of Doc or Dominik.

While the rest of the group searches the base, Jess remains with Rosa, who tells her that Dominik is after her and for Jess to leave. Jess replies that she won't let anything happen. Dominik and Doc then arrive, and Jess prepares to fight the zompire. Despite her best efforts, Dominik is too strong for her, and soon Jess is subdued.


While quite rational, Jess is a lot more open and willing to speak her mind than her brother.


Jess gets on well with most other characters.


Jess and Terry have a long history, knowing each other since childhood. Currently they still seem close.


Jess and Nick at one point dated, though she has since broken up with him.


Jess is very capable in a fight. She is well trained in close combat fighting, especially in the use of bladed weapons. She also has the Sentinel suit, which further enhances her abilities.

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