Jan was a human and the mother of Nathan. After escaping a mutant attack she is killed by Rosa while sleeping.


Chapter Three

Jan is introduced in A New Problem, where she is trapped in a mall alongside a bunch of other survivors. Following his trip to the roof, she comforts a scared Nathan. After the mutant attack she flees along with the other survivors. After escaping through an air vent she watches as Rusty dooms the other survivors.

Outside she argues with Rusty and Annika over the best plan of action to take. While Rusty tries to rush off he is soon surrounded by zombies, though Greybane manages to save him.

After Greybane's dual with Bug she tries to haul his injured body, eventually managing to get Rusty to help her. Taking cover in an abandoned building the group settles down for the night. While sleeping she is killed by Rosa.


Jan was a calm, collected figure. She seems to have been rational and caring.


Jan got on well with most of the people whom she met, even managing to persuade the normally stubborn Rusty into helping her.


Jan had no special abilities.

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