Humans are a race in the Pocalypse.

They usually were the ones who once thrived in the world but were decimated during the events of the Pocalypse and now are either turned into zombies, vampires or eaten by the now mutated plants or Mutants.

The survivors however were left strewn and forced to survive, creating colonies or fortifying homes againt the monsters who now walk through their streets.

Most of the characters are human but some were turned into vampires, zombies or even hybrids with a few extraordinary powers.


The Humans' abilities are their intelligence and diversity, able to adapt quickly to new situations and learn from them. As evident in Doc who spends most of his time studying the monsters, the environment and coming up with new innoventations to make sure that the human race are one step ahead of their peers.

Some may also be benefited with combat training and augmented through the use of power-suits, in the case of Bernie and Jess with Arbiter and Sentinel respectively.

Others may have been born with extraordinary powers; Granting them with immunity to viruses, agility or simply strength. Joe being one such example.

Some humans may not have any special powers or skills but may have a high government standing. in the case of Ludo, who acts as Mayor for New Hammerston, a human colony, with complete control of the local military and addresses the colonists.

Notable Humans

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