Harry is the sentient computer system which operates the defensive components of the Supermarket Base. Originally designed by Bernard Senior "he" now assists Bernie and Jess.


Chapter One

Harry is introduced in Some James Bond Shit. Throughout the scene he assists the characters in various tasks.

Chapter Two

Accompanying the main group in their search for Rosa, he arrives at the church in time to scare off Genovera. He is then destroyed by Dominik.

Chapter Four

Harry is repaired here by Doc. He accompanies the group in their search for Dominik, then returning to New Hammerston.

Chapter Five

Harry helps with various minor things.

Chapter Six

Originally meant to be guarding Jess' bedroom, Harry is tricked by Joe into letting him enter.

Later, after the arrival of Inner Joe Harry breaks the machine's signal, inadvertently putting the colony in jeopardy.

Chapter Seven

Harry accompanies Jess and Bernie's team to find Doc. Following Bernie's departure he passes on a message to Jess. He then accompanies Jess and the remainder of the group to Dominik's lair. Entering it, Harry finds no immediate sign of Doc or Dominik.

Exploring the base with the Night Stalkers, Harry soon runs into some zompires. Helping the group with the Night Stalkers, Harry returns to the main room and finds an injured Jess.

Chapter Eight

Harry begins the scene with the analysis that Smyth is going to die from his injuries. He later detects a group of others in the building.

He is present when Rosa turns Smyth and is also there when the latter wakes up. He nearly terminates Smyth, though is prevented by Rosa.

He is later shown at the scene where Jake is attempting to fire on Samuel, Rosa and Doc and afterwards with the group in Doc's lab.

He later leaves the lab with the rest of the group.

He is later activated by Bernie, and chases Jake away from the base.


Harry has minimal personality, being a machine. Despite this it does seem to have some free will, apparently being fascinated by Scrufflebeck.


Despite being a machine Harry is treated like a person by a number of other characters.


As an AI Harry has various computational powers. As well as this he can enter a mobile suit. In this form he is able to accompany the main group.

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