Gwenn is a female human and leader of Limeridge's Dragoons.


Chapter Eight

Gwenn is introduced in Dragoons, where she is first shown facing off against Karen and her grandfather Dwight over them having stolen some items. Upon the arrival of Greybane she confronts him, ordering one of her Dragoons to attack him, though after Greybane deals with him she backs off.

Gwenn then explains that she expects both the rider and the bike to be brought back to her within three days, before riding off. While heading off she fatally shoots Dwight.


Gwenn has a very harsh, utilitarian personality. She is seemingly very insistent upon her own rules and has no qualms with killing those who disobey her, nor does she have any issues labelling people as useless.


Gwenn has no relationships of note.


Gwenn has not been shown to have any particularly unusual abilities. She is able to ride a motorbike as well as use a gun, though beyond this nothing is known. Being the leader of an armed group it would be expected though that she be sufficiently able in combat.

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