Chapter Eight is the eighth chapter of The Pocalypse. It was preceded by Chapter Seven and followed by Chapter Nine. It has 26 scenes.

It focuses on Greybane, Nick, and Karen going to hunt Gwenn and the Dragoons, Jess, Rosa, Harry, Doc, Aaron, and the Night Stalkers returning to New Hammerston after Rosa turns Smyth, Bernie, Samuel, Scrufflebeck, and Gorb returning to New Hammerston, Joe recovering his memory, Oscar, Phillip, Margaret, Luke, Candice, Andrius, and Cross setting sail for Europe, Jake refusing to let any more monsters into the colony while Ludo tries to reason with him, Annika finally meeting up with Joe, and Victor destroying the colony.



  • Chapter Eight is the only Chapter to have no summary within its own chapter, with the summary being bundled with the Chapter 7 summary during the story summary.
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