A zombie.

Zombies are one of the five known types of monsters. They are presumed to be the most common kind of monster in Hammerston and tend to hang around in numbers.

In The Pocalypse the zombie epidemic began several years prior to the beginning of the comic's storyline. It is unknown what triggered it.

Generally, a zombie is usually a human, infected with the zombie virus, which is spread by biting, this would then end up them turning into one as well.

The infection can also spread to non-humans as well with Vampires also susceptible to the virus, turning into hybrid zompires. Mutant too can suffer from it but are usually killed shortly thereafter. Only Machines, some humans and plants are immune

Zombiess are characterized by their green decaying skin, yellowed teeth, extended arms and primitive communication skills. Zombiess show no noticeable strength, essentially being mindless. They can prove a threat when encounter in larger groups (as is often the case) and can be lured in by loud noises or noticable events.

Notable Zombies:

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