Rosa and Plants

Rosa and her new allies.

Plantss are a monster type. They resemble plants but with some form of sentience after the events of the Pocalypse.

While most of them are apathetic to humans, they are extremely territorial and will consume anyone who venture onto their land.

However, they do harbour some degree of intelligence, such as Gorb who acts as their representative, and even are aware of beings stronger than they are and will try and ally with their friends. In the case of Rosa and New Hammerston.

The most notable and docile member of their species are the Plant Puppies, who appear to be friendly (or like Scrufflebeck even protective of humans). In more recent events some plants, with the assistance of Gorb, even sought an alliance with the humans.

It is currently unknown what goals they have but it is speculated, in 'Plants vs Rosa' they want to completely regain control of the whole planet. Although their biggest nemesis are the Machines, who intend to turn the world into a global super-computer.


While plants appear traditionally as flowers and large trees embedded with pods, which might be their digestive tracts, their more mobile forms taking on the shape of spider-like creatures.


Most plants have some form of corrosive acid at their disposal as well as being able to create small patches of fertile soil to grow on. Their more destructive means using volatile chemicals in spider-like creatures; Acting as suicide bombers or mines.

Spikes and Stakes are also used, which can be used defensively and offensively, with the latter naturally effective at taking down vampires.

Notable Plants:

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