Bug (once Robert Bugler) was a mutant of a superior strain. He died in the Machine City while Greybane escaped.


Pre Story

Prior to the story Bug was a captain in the army. Following the outbreak of the zombie virus he volunteered, alongside Greybane, to genetic modification by Geoffrey.

The procedure however went awry, and Bug was transformed into a hideous mutant. Upon discovering this he went on a rampage, destroying Geoffrey's lab and grievously injuring the geneticist.

Chapter Three

Bug first appears in Armed and Dangerous, where after shooting Mark, he tells several of the mutants with him to feed on the human.

He next appears in Not Quite Bulletproof where he manages to shoot Greybane, though is in return subdued.

While he doesn't appear in it, his next mention is in Is it She? where he manages to shoot Rosa. In the following chapter, No More Chase, he reveals himself and fights with Greybane. While Greybane manages to defeat him, he is unable to kill him, the pair being captured by a machine.

Chapter Five

Although Bug makes no further appearances he was, along with Greybane, taken to the Machine City (though it is unknown whether he was processed or not). He is believed to have died there.

Chapter Seven

It is revealed that following Greybane's attack on the Machine City Samuel was forced to take control of Bug's body in order to survive.


As a mutant Bug seemed to have no, or at least a minimal personality. Nothing is known about his personality as a human.


While he showed general apathy towards humans, he did at least seem to look out for his fellow mutants, commanding them to eat Mark's corpse.


Bug's exact relationship with Greybane prior to the story is unknown. Although they would have known each other, they don't appear to have been close friends. Despite this Greybane does refer to him as his old friend at one point.


As with all mutants Bug is assumed to have been stronger than the normal human. Being of a superior strain however Bug had the ability to speak, to use a weapon and could also command a group of mutants apparently loyal to him.

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